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The Ten Biggest Parties In The World

As the man burns
Burning Man (Black Rock City, USA) – 50k people
Full Moon Party (Koh Phangan, Thailand) – 20k people
Oktoberfest (Munich, Germany) – 6M people
Bay to Breakers (San Francisco, USA) – 70k people
Mardi Gras (New Orleans, USA) – 1.2M people
Holi (Delhi, India) – 10M people
Notting Hill Carnival (London, England) – 1M people
La Tomatina (Buñol, Spain) – 30k people
Glastonbury (Pilton, England) – 177k people
Carnaval (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) – 1M people
Kazantip (Crimea, Ukraine) – 150k people

Everyone has a bucket list of things they want to do before they die, and one of the highest ones on my list is going to the ten biggest parties in the world.

I’m not sure when this started, but it has been an amazing adventure so far, full of amazing people and ridiculous stories. I’ve already written about one of these, a week and a half long party of 50,000 people in the desert called Burning Man, and there are more to come. The list has been shifting and changing as I’ve learned about new gatherings and some have fallen off the list as I’ve decided they weren’t worthy. So far I’m most of the way through my list, having completed 7 of them.

If you counted, you noticed there are actually 11 festivals on the list. This is because there is no source for this information, and what defines a “party” is completely subjective, so I’m still undecided on the last few. Glastonbury and Kazantip are paid music festivals, and Carnivale is more of a controlled parade than a party, but they all sound great. I’m open to suggestions, so go ahead and leave a comment. Kazantip was unknown to me until recently, and I suspect there are others.

I find it kind of amusing that I tend to have ridiculously big goals when it comes to my personal life that take me a long time to achieve, but my career goals tend to be fleeting. The career goals have been achieved as they came to me, but life goals are something to be savored and done over a long period of time.

This is how I live my life, and I suspect you do something similar in yours. What’s on your bucket list?


  1. Sara says:

    I’d suggest Sydney Mardi Gras as well, although it does depend on your comfort level with gay leather daddies, dykes on bikes, camp boys in tiny shorts performing amazing choreography, drag queens on stilts, etc etc. Still, a great party.

  2. Chris Dame says:

    Good suggestion! I used to live upstairs from the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco, and what you are describing sounds quite a bit tamer than that. I’ll try to time my next trip through Sydney to see it, as it sounds really fun! The last time I was there, I saw the Chinese New Year festival in Chinatown, and it was amazing. I should head back soon.

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