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New Orleans: Abandoned Six Flags

I found out that Six Flags New Orleans (aka Jazzland) has been abandoned since Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and I needed to explore it.

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You can see the full photos, and more of them at My Flickr.

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    i am planning on riding my bicycle across the country on august 1st, and i’m looking for interesting things i may see when i go out. im heading through new orleans and this totally captivated me.

    i would love to wander around the park and take pictures. i know its illegal and i really don’t want to get arrested, so i’m a little cautious.

    are there any security assigned there? it seems the only way the cop came was because he saw you at the top of the roller coaster, other than that,m would you have gotten away with it?

  2. Chris Dame says:

    There are no security, as it is not privately owned. There are police, as it is owned by the city.

    I later found out that this was not an isolated incident, and the police arrest about 1000 people per year there. Beforehand, I found a forum full of people talking about going freely in and out, and assumed it was kosher. This was apparently incorrect.

    I am a big fan of exploring urban ruins, and you need to realize that every time you do, you are entering a legal gray area that mostly depends on the whim of the owners. I can’t say for sure one way or the other what would have happened, but it’s safe to say they don’t want people there, despite how beautiful it is and what a great city attraction it could be.

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