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Always Be Ready To Write

Pens are one of those curses of life. You don’t often need one, but when you do, it is urgent and nowhere to be found. You can carry one around with you, but they are awkward to keep handy and are very prone to breaking, secretly leaving everything in an inky, sticky mess for you to discover once it’s dried. And do you really want to be the guy with a pocket protector? That’s far from minimalist, and far from most things you want to be, dear smart and fashionable reader.

Inka Dinka Doo

This is my Inka pen, on my keyring that I’ve had since I was 15. It’s a strange thing to hold onto for so long, I know, but it has a lot of great memories for me, and I’ve never found one as sturdy, smooth, and generally awesome. Enough about that, though. You want to know about the tiny piece of plastic, ink, and ultralight steel attached to it.

That tiny keychain has a little pen you can pull out in a fraction of a second, or you can quickly assemble it voltron-style into a full-size pen for longer, more comfortable writing. There have been hundreds of times I have suddenly needed to fill out an immigration form or sign a receipt when there were no available pens, and this little guy in my pocket has kept me from awkwardly standing around while everyone else slowly adds up the tip in their head or searches for their passport number.

Locked and Loaded

The knowledge that you will be ready at any time to scribble down thoughts or exchange contact information without having to ask the guy in a suit across the room if he has a pen on him (providing he even speaks English) is liberating. I’ve always had this pen on me for 4 years running now, and it has helped out so many situations that I couldn’t imagine leaving it behind, even on quick errands.

The barrel of the pen is made from solid steel, which is lightweight and will never snap. The inside is sealed with rubber gaskets that fit seamlessly into formed grooves in the steel, so you never have to worry about it breaking or leaking in your pocket. When it’s assembled, it becomes one solid piece of writing machinery that feels comfortable and professionally smooth in your hand.

If you have need for it, it even has a stylus on the opposite side of the pen, so you don’t have to worry about the flimsy one that comes with those devices. Honestly, though, if you are using a device that comes with a stylus, it is a poorly designed hack that should probably be replaced by something that won’t slow you down every time you want to use it.

In the years that I’ve been using mine, filling up countless notebooks, it has never needed a new ink cartridge. However, as I expect this pen to last me decades, it’s good to know refills are readily available when the time comes.

The Inka pen is simple, slick, and does exactly what it is supposed to do every time you reach for it. It’s cheap, sturdy, and is a prepared minimalist’s dream. Do yourself a favor and put this on your keyring with the few other things you deem worthy. Like the clever, fashionable minimalist you are.

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