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3 Things Not To Pack

I would love to see the look on face of the TSA agent looking at the X-Rays

One of my missions for this site is helping people pack lighter while still being prepared. While I’ve covered a lot of items that you can pack in order to be prepared without taking much space, today I’m going to point out a few things that you shouldn’t try to stuff into your bag.


First, a bit of good news. The TSA quietly lifted the war on liquids without telling anyone. Congratulations, you can again bring a bottle of water on the flight with you, and you don’t need to shove all of your sample-size shampoos into a ziploc baggie that goes on display for everyone when you go through security.

This doesn’t mean you need to pack them, however. Hotels and hostels always have them for free, and exploring the aisles finding amazing local toiletries can be one of the most memorable experiences of your trip. I was impressed how in Thailand I had to hunt up and down aisles to find sunblock that didn’t contain skin whitener.

Enough clothes

Unless I am on a tight schedule, I tend to pack one less set of clothes than I think I need. Finding clothes that match local customs can help you fit in, and will be a great memory of your trip as you wear them again and again. Also, it’s always great when someone asks where you got that cool shirt you are wearing and you get to say “Barcelona,” which is a great start to sharing great travel stories and experiences with them.

Things that are more fun to buy there

Honestly, the first two things can both fit in this category, but you know what you pack better than I do. Why bring that scarf when you know there will be much cooler ones there? Why bring sunglasses when you can find some that will come with a story?

Leave some room in your bag instead of busting your zippers trying to fit another pair of shoes inside. As a worst case scenario, but may discover you didn’t need those shoes after all.

Pack light. Leave room for bringing back memories.

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