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Staying Connected Abroad

Lost in Japan

For years I would completely unplug when I traveled internationally. It was surprisingly relaxing and focusing, and I had some amazing adventures trying to find my way around. Interacting with strangers because you have no choice leads to deep and often hilarious results.

Now there are plenty of options for traveling internationally, and rather than have to research and explore everything, Engadget did a great breakdown of all of the options in a single article. Scan through it for the parts relevant to your situation and don’t worry about heading somewhere blind again.

As one additional tip they don’t cover in the article, if you are traveling to China, they block Twitter, Google, and various other sites they deem unsafe. Simply bring along a Kindle to circumvent this on their free network and tweet to your heart’s content.

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  1. […] read articles, and even post to Twitter from any remote area that gets cellular coverage. As I wrote about before, it even circumvents China’s firewall, all at no cost. On top of that, they just dropped the […]

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