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Stop Worrying About Income by Starting Your Own Minimalist Business

One of the biggest reasons people keep from traveling as much as they would like is because they are tied to the location and hours of their employer. There are several ways around this, and the most direct one is starting your own business. It seems like a daunting prospect, fraught with huge time sinks, awkward negotiations, and lots of painful rejection.

This is where Everett Bogue comes in. He left his job at the New York Times to focus on minimizing his life, making things as simple and direct as possible. He narrowed down all of his possessions down to 50 essential things, then wrote a guide to how you can do it as well. In the process, he’s become a bit of an expert in living the life of a nomadic business-owner, and not too long ago he wrote a guide to Starting your own Minimalist Business.

Minimalist Business

His writing style is simple, direct, and full of examples from real situations that make you wonder why you ever thought starting a business would be such a hassle. With just a few paragraphs on each page, he cuts directly to the heart of your questions, including those you hadn’t thought of yet. In the interest of full disclosure, he even made me wonder why I hadn’t started one yet, and this blog (and my upcoming book) is the result.

The reason I am bringing this up now is that he is re-launching the book today, and for the next 24 hours, the book is on sale. Do yourself a favor and pick it up during this sale. He even has a lifetime money back guarantee. If you are ever unhappy with the book for any reason, you get every penny back immediately. It doesn’t get better than that.

Well, I certainly can’t endorse this any more. Check it out yourself.

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  1. Leslie says:

    Interesting book, to say the least. However, I’m getting his other one. Is this the book you use(d) to do what you do . . or do you have another reference?

  2. Chris Dame says:

    This isn’t the only resource I used, but it certainly was the catalyst that put me over the edge. I was in a car going through the Mojave Desert when I read it, and after devouring the entire book, I immediately starting writing the plan of action for this blog and book.

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