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Because Sometimes the Airplane is Your Hotel

Ah, the beautiful international flight. It carries promise of foreign lands full of exotic foods, lush landscapes, and hilariously awkward conversations. It also brings its ugly friends. Cramped quarters, ill-timed turbulence, and bathrooms so small it’s impossible to stand without feeling like the wrong tetris piece. Between sideways sliding around toddlers in the aisle and trying to wriggle your book out of the bottom of the carry-on you wedged into the tiny space between your feet, it’s no wonder everyone arrives anxious and exhausted.

Enter Burton, renowned maker of stylish and surprisingly functional snowboarding gear for decades. They recognized that people travel to new snow-filled destinations all the time, and developed the most perfect piece of travel clothing ever.

What the true travel ninja wears.

The Sleeper Hoodie is a marvel of modern technology. It has a pocket for your iPod that keeps the headphones on the inside. It has thumb holes in the sleeves to keep your hands warm, and pit zips to keep your body cool. There is a zippered inside pocket big enough to hold your passport and boarding pass, and a hidden earplug pocket. Most amazing of all, it actually has an inflatable neck rest and pull-down eye mask built into the hood.

All of this is designed into one of the most comfortable and soft pieces of clothing I’ve ever owned, and nobody looking at you would know it is anything but a normal black hoodie. You feel like James Bond and MacGuyver rolled into one incognito flying superninja.

This hoodie came out the day before I was about to fly to Japan for a few weeks, and I had to call every sporting goods store in town before I finally found one that had a few in stock. I barely made it before they closed, and I had no idea if it was going to be worth it. Once we loaded onto the plane, I settled in, puffed up my neck rest, pulled down the eye mask, and was out like a pet canary. After the flight, the friend who sat next to me confided that he was twisting and writhing in his seat, trying to get comfortable, when he saw me passed out in blissful comfort. He scowled and went back to trying to find some position where the airplane pillow didn’t feel like a burlap bag full of cotton candy.

Each year, Burton comes out with a new design and more colors, so you can pick your style. In addition, now it’s available on Amazon, so you don’t have to spend an hour on the phone trying to find one. As one final tip, these do run a little large. When you are curled up inside its comforting warmth on the airplane, you will appreciate it. However, traveling light often means that you only bring one jacket, and you might not want that jacket to look like it was handed down from your fat brother. If you like something more form-fitting, drop a size. Sometimes you suffer for fashion, and sometimes you just take pride in the fact that you will be contentedly sleeping through your neighbor’s yelp as the drink cart bangs into their elbow again.

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