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The Unwanted Bulge In Your Pants

While traveling through strange new places, you never know when adventure will call and you will need to slide through a narrow fence gap or strap into a roller coaster built for someone much smaller than you. However, you know that both of these things happen immediately before something truly amazing happens, and you want to be able to tell the story both to your grandchildren and the crowd at the bar tonight. This is why you don’t wear a fanny pack, and why packing light shouldn’t stop when you get to your pockets.

There are a lot of wallets out there claiming to be ultrathin, only to actually be big hunks of plastic up to an inch thick. While this may be thin compared to the behemoth hunk of leather, credit cards, and sweet rave flyers your average suburban middle manager has in his back pocket, I demand the thinnest and lightest wallet out there to make sure no narrow crevice will keep me from exploring the other side. After testing a long series of “world’s thinnest” wallets, I tried the ALL-ETT Billfold, and not only is it the thinnest by far, I doubt it’s physically possible to have one any thinner. Just having your money in your pocket would probably take more space than this wallet holding it all together.

Girls are impressed by the size of your wallet.

Just to set expectations, you will get looks when you pull out this wallet. You will get questions. People will tell you it doesn’t hold everything, or it isn’t sturdy, or you just don’t have as much stuff. Rest assured, this wallet holds everything. I have about 8 cards in mine, a few different currencies, and a gift receipt I really need to cash in. All told, there is more than most people carry in their wallet, and it’s about as thick as a CD. This is not something that will attract a pickpocket’s attention, especially if you don’t put it in your back pocket.

The way it stays so thin is by being constructed entirely out of ultrathin rip-stop nylon (what sails are made of), with only two small plastic structural pieces inside. Your ID and credit cards form most of the shape of the wallet, with nothing else needed. Initially it doesn’t seem like it could hold up to a slight breeze, but this material was developed to take serious damage without tearing, and it shines in everyday use. Mine has been been in my pocket for over two years and I still use it daily without a single hole from a chain-link fence or broken concrete wall.

Get it direct from ALL-ETT (get 10% off with code 321160) or Amazon.

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