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The Key to Being Prepared

That is my very own Swiss Tech Utilikey. It has been in my pocket for eight years. It has outlasted everything else on that keyring many times over, and is in no danger of being replaced any time soon. It has gotten me out of countless situations and gone on hundreds of flights, never once getting a second look by security staff who held it in their hands.

This is the only way to have a knife with you at all times, a tiny serrated blade that is just as useful at opening security packaging in remote corners of the world as quickly and smoothly removing a flower as a gift. Both of these uses will get you far in life.

Having a tiny screwdriver is useful as well, from repairing cheap sunglasses to opening malfunctioning electronics. I’ve lost count of the times when someone asked “Does anyone have a screwdriver?” with the only response being myself holding up a keyring. This key alone has saved dozens of gadgets from being smashed or just thrown away, by virtue of just being available.

The final aspect of this tool is the bottle opener. This is the trickiest part to talk about, because a bottle opener is obviously extremely useful, both in big city parties and obscure third world packaging. However, in order to fit the opener into this slick design, if you try to use it the way your instinct tells you, you may seriously injure yourself.

The trick to this tool is that you have to use it backward. A person’s first instinct is to grab the opener by the biggest part of the handle, pressing the meat of their finger right up against the serrated blade, then pressing as hard as they can against it until at some unexpected point the bottle cap flies off and everything moves in different directions. More than a handful of times my utilikey has been handed back to me by bloody fingers.

Press your palm against the bottle cap and the bulk of the key, using your finger to lift up on the part below the cap. The cap will come right off, and the person you had a cool refreshing beverage to will be happily in your debt. I’ve never injured myself, and with this secret, neither will you.

If you think this article is useful, please spread the word and buy through the link at the beginning. It only takes a few seconds, and helps immensely.

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  1. interrobang says:

    I still want one of these! Thank you for linking to it so I can order one of my own.

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