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A Single Step

My feet are below this image.

As I write this, my feet are dangling into the Grand Canyon. Yesterday the twisting shapes and colors of the landscape in Death Valley surrounded my hike, and tomorrow I expect to be posing with cheesy recreations of aliens in Roswell.

In the last six months, my travels have taken me through sixteen countries across four continents. Some cities were short trips of merely a day, other places I spent more than a month at a time. There was no place where the people weren’t friendly and welcoming, and friends were made at every stop that I expect to see again.

One small, trusty backpack of clothes and gear is all I carry with me, regardless of how long a trip is or where it takes me. This doesn’t mean my clothes are dirty and smelly or that there are frequent laundry stops. I’m not uncomfortable or even unfashionable. Trips don’t have to be avoided due to lack of supplies. Quite the contrary, having everything I need conveniently on my back means I have more freedom.

Go ahead. Jump.Suddenly there is the flexibility to go on far more unexpected adventures. No more massive piece of luggage bursting and sprawling all of my possessions across the bed at whatever hotel I was staying at. If an opportunity to take an overnight trip to a beautiful island presents itself, I can just grab my backpack and go. If I make friends that know of a party near their place and want to crash there, I can join without even thinking about having to leave all of my possessions behind in an expensive hotel room that I’m not using.

The reason I am at the Grand Canyon right now is because a couple of days ago, a friend announced his plans to drive to Austin, and it sounded like an amazing opportunity with an great person. I’ve created a life that allows me to travel wherever I want, on a moment’s notice, while knowing I will never be unprepared or have to spend a fortune.

It wasn’t easy or fast to get to this point. It took a lot of trial and error over many years. I’ve been stranded in strange foreign lands where I didn’t speak the language. I’ve bought lots of travel books and gadgets that turned out to be horrible, and been ripped off by plenty of tourist traps and scams.

I hope to help make your travel experiences more vibrant and fun by sharing the secrets of rich, full, and relaxing travel. I will be sharing the things that made adventures possible and fun, and the moments that it seemed like everything was falling apart. Hopefully this will help you get to your own adventure sooner, so you can share your own stories of everything falling apart in amazing new unforeseen ways.

Whether you want to make the most of  your next weekend trip or you want to take off a year and travel the world on a budget, I want to make sure you do it worry-free, in style.

And away we go.

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  1. jason says:

    i want to know what’s in the pack!!!

  2. Chris Dame says:

    Exactly what this site is about. Hit subscribe on the RSS and prepare to find that out and much more.

  3. Riaz says:

    Looks awesome man! Feel free to use any of the lomo photos of you want to for the blog.

  4. Chris Dame says:

    It was a great trip, and thanks for the offer!

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  6. Jeremy Day says:

    Great blog you have here! Love your story! I look forward to the book!


  7. Chris Dame says:

    Thanks, Jeremy! Glad to hear you are enjoying it.

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